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original title: Call of the South Seas

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Music,Romance



duration: 59min

tags: SIZZLING!!! With South Sea Sweeties and throbbing music!!!


keywords: ukulele, judge, japanese, servant, houseboy, housekeeper, hut, tribalchief, palmtree, boat, racialstereotype, sarong, investigation, gangleader, princess, vamp, moonlight, dancer, sidekick, fistfight,





































There's lots to laugh with and a lot to laugh at in this over the top Republic programmer about life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where angry gods explode volcanoes at will in the middle of the bay and a lonely princess seeks a husband so she can become queen. The volcano looks more like an oil strike, the island girls are obviously Caucasians in dark wigs, and the friendly natives dispense advice without charging $100 an hour. A few boring native style songs give this a false tropical atmosphere, and the good guys and bad guys have a shootout on the bay ad the volcano explodes just yards from them. Allan Lane, hero of very low budget Republic westerns, is the misunderstood hero here, believed to be a crook, and Janet Martin is the innocent princess without a prince. Fast enough to be an amusing time filler, but nothing more, and barely passable over less. Rising republic femme fatal Adele Mara also gets into the dark wig and sarong to go down Dorothy Lamour territory, while Anna Demetrio gets a few laughs as the jolly fat native who mothers everybody on the island. A good little Republic Pictures programmer. Shot entirely in studios, with plenty of stock shots taken from Republic serials, this rare but tepid film doesn't bring much to this kind of adventure yarn. You have some beautiful gals, South Seas local music from the beginning to the end, a couple of bad guys - including the Republic Studios most prestigious heavy: Roy Barcroft, we saw in so many serials - some romance and enough fist fights to entertain the movie buffs like me who will always purchase these lost features.

John English, the director, is famous to have been William Witney's mate in making his most famous serials. The best ever. Republic made the most fantastic serials in the movie history.

Republic, serials, Roy Barcroft, three words which always remain together in American and B movies lovers' mind.


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